async in Node

JavaScript callbacks are not readable when nested in many layers. Async library is a great tool to overcome this.

I find a good tutorial with case examples written by Sebastian Seilund. Introduced control flows are:

  • async.parallel([taskFunctions], finalCallback)
  • async.series( [taskFunctions], finalCallback) *use when task functions depend on each other.
  • async.forEach([collection], taskFunctionforEach, finalCallback)
  • async.forEachLimit([collection], cocurrency, taskFunctionforEach, finalCallback) *use when only limited concurrencies are allowed for taskFunctionforEach)
  • aysnc.forEachSeries([collection], taskFunctionforEach, finalCallback) *do the same to forEachLimit with the concurrency of 1.
  • async.queue() and queue.drain() * use when handling steamed data from outside resources

And those flows (parallel, series, forEach) can be used in combination in a nested form.