Politics of JavaScript

A good presentation for JavaScript learners. The speaker, Angus Croll, pointed out in the speaking that there were some blind sides in JavaScript community. Although it was in 2013, the message is still valid today and in the future, non only in the domains of JavaScript and Programming Language but also of our human life in general.

A few things that I take:

  • Excessive constraint limits innovation.
  • Consistency is the hobgoblin of little mind. (from R.W.Emerson)
  • Fearmongers assumes the worst of everyone.
  • Idealogy is mostly tribalism.
  • Programming is not just science but also human language.

In summary, he suggested trying your own things in your own way without fearing too much. We learn with failure and play. Creativity and innovation actually follow them.

This a screenshot from his presentation slide, that shows general misconception of JavaScript language.